Punjab Jail Training School, Patiala


1.Punjab Jail Training School, Patiala which is the first of its kind in North India was inaugurated on 05.05.1988 and became a pioneering Institute in preparing prison personnel to handle the Prison and Correctional Administration in the state prisons. This institution was established to cater for the training requirements of the prison staff of the Department of Prison and Correctional Services Punjab. This institution is spread in about ten acres of land. Prison Officers of the rank of Deputy Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent, Head Warders, Warders & Matrons of the state of Punjab are being trained at this institute. In addition to home state, this institute also trained prison personnel of the state of Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Andaman & Nikobar Islands, Union Territory Chandigarh and N.C.T. Delhi.


1.This School is established with a vision to prepare Prison and Correctional Officers as Leaders and good administrators, who with courage, dedication and a strong sense of service to the people emerge as reformers to ensure and excel towards achieving the goal of Reformation, Rehabilitation and Reintegration of Prisoners into society.


1.The mission statement of the institute is:-

(a) To impart Physical and Drill Training to newly recruited officers and warders/ matrons to make them a physical fit and disciplined employee of the Department of Prisons and Correctional Services.

(b) To inculcate values, standards and norms so as to develop them to discharge their duties in the efficient way. 

(c) To promote excellence by investing in Human Resource Development through training and research.


1.This institution conducts various training courses at its premises vis-à-vis:-

(a) Basic Training Course

(b) Refresher Training Course

(c) Weapon Training Course

(d) Personal Security Officer Course

(e) Lathi Drill Course

(f) Unarmed Combat Course

(g) Riot Control Course

(h) Training Course on Security Gadgets installed at Prisons


1.In the initial stage, the newly recruited trainees are made physically fit and then are inducted for drill activities to make them a disciplined employee. In addition to drill activities various outdoor activities are conducted for the trainees which are :-

(a) Morning PT

(b) Weapon Training

(c) Un-armed Combat

(d) Riot Control

(e) Yoga and Meditation


1.In addition to outdoor activities, indoor classes are also conducted for the trainees and following subjects are taught to them:-

(a) Punjab Jail Manual & Prison Manuals of Respective States

(b) Criminology

(c) Psychology

(d) Law (CrPC & IPC)

(e) Human Rights

(f) Service & Financial Rules

(g) Basic Computer Education

(h) Leadership & Management Skills

(i) Prison Management Skills

(j) First Aid & Fire Fighting Basics

(k) Security Management & Observation Skills


1.The following infrastructural facilities are available at this institution:-

(a) Hostel for Officer trainees

(b) Hostel for Warder & Matron trainees

(c) Officers Mess

(d) Warder Mess

(e) Library

(f) Parade Ground for outdoor activities

(g) Well equipped Auditorium

(h) Obstacles for trainees

(i) Class Rooms

(j) Conference Hall

(k) Administrative Block


1.In addition to training activities, National Level Thematic Training Courses in collaboration with BPR&D, MHA, New Delhi and NISD, MSJE, New Delhi are organised at this institute. Prison officers from different states of Indian participates in these training courses.


Punjab Jail Training School
Opposite Thapar University
Bhadson Road
Patiala. 147001
Tele:  0175-2366625
E-mail: pjts-pb[at]gov[dot]in

The School is presently headed by Sh. RK Sharma, PPS.