Message from ADGP Prisons

Sh Arunpal Singh, IPS
(Hon'ble ADGP Prisons)

Prisons play, both, reformative and purgative role in the criminal justice system. The new mantra in the prisons management system has shifted the focus from control and custody of the inmates to their reformation and rehabilitation by following a “correctional strategy” with an eye on the ultimate goal of “zero recidivism.”

At present, there are 26 functional prisons in Punjab of different categories. Besides, Punjab Jail Training School at Patiala has been playing a pivotal role in shaping and enhancing the professional competence of the prison cadre from the State as well as from the other North-Indian States.

In prisons, a strict discipline is followed whereby healthy and humane living conditions are afforded to the inmates with a special focus on their accommodation, diet, sanitation, hygiene, legal aid, education and medical facilities. To achieve these objectives, the Prisons Department uses traditional time-tested tools of prison management inter-mixed with substantial use of technology which nowadays is not only imperative but is also essential to eliminate the element of human lapse.

Regular recreational activities are also conducted in the jails such as yoga, meditation, the practice of Art of Living, magic shows, cultural programmes, sports events,

Sh. Kumar Rahul, IAS
(Hon'ble Secretary Jails)