Skill Development Initiatives

“Teaching prisoners practical work skills for a new chance in life”

To contribute to a more lawful and peaceful world, imprisonment may not be solely sufficient to avoid reoffending and another incarceration. This possibility may increase if, upon release, ex-convicts find themselves in the same social milieu that exists before their landing up in Jail. That is why it is crucial to prepare the prisoners for their reintegration into society. Incarceration not only leads to stigmatisation but also loss of means of livelihood. The most important factor in ensuring reintegration of incarcerated individuals back into the society is economic rehabilitation which automatically flows from skill development. Keeping this in mind, the Department has been imparting training to the prisoners for various skills. These training programs provide opportunities for the prison inmates to engage themselves in fruitful pursuits during the term of their sentence in prisons as well. Some of the skill development initiatives in different jails of Punjab are given below:

Rehabilitation programs in prisons are key to protecting society from crime and reducing recidivism. The skills have been meticulously identified in terms of their capacity to enhance employability of the prisoners post release.

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s no. Name of Jails Skill Development Initiatives
1 Central Jail Ludhiana Electrician, Baking Technician, T.V. Repairing, Flat Knitting, Machine Operator
2 Central Jail Gurdaspur Electrician, Welder, Plunber, Sewing & Embroidery, Beautician
3 Central Jail Hoshiarpur Plunber and Sewing
4 Central Jail Kapurthala Electrician and Carpentry
5 Central Jail Amritsar Pickle Making Technician, Baking Technician, T.V. Repair, Assistant Electrician, Tailoring
6 Central Jail Patiala Pickle Making Technician, Baking Technician, T.V. Repair, Assistant Electrician, Furniture & Fittings, Computer Training, Cutting , Embroidery & Stiching, Sanitary Pads
7 District Jail Mansa Wooden Furniture
8 District Jail Sangrur Beauty Parlour, Cutting & Tearing
9 Borstal Jail Ludhiana Pickle Making. Cutting & Tailoring
10 Women Jail Ludhiana Pickle Making